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exhaustion Valentijn M. de Wolf through much work
Tired! What did I a lot in my life on the violon/ viola! Valentijn M. de Wolf


of me, Valentijn M. de Wolf, looks as following:
I studied Violin/ Viola at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Achieved there my Pedagogic Musician Diplom ('BMA'). Studied futher in Amsterdam (Sweelinck Conservatory) with Ervin Schiffer (then also teacher from Tilburg and Brussels). Achieved there my Performing Musician Diplom ('MMA'). I did participate in many Masterclasses i.a. given by: Henrick Szering; in 2009 with Fischer a masterclass Violin Pedagogy (student of Dorothy Delay, 'Julliard School' in New York); 1988 & 1986 with Ervin Schiffer e.g. in Morges (Zwitserland); in 1985 with international praised teachers who did outshine in the 'Icebreaker' at A'dam (Has been called 'Viola in my life', with organizor Henk Guittard, viola player of the Schönberg quartet) and in 1984 with Hartmut Höll, R'dam masterclass interpretation (piano; song accompanist).

I played in several orchestras; e.g. with the Gelders, Fries en Radio-symfony Orchestra... MusiciansMusicians
My own style is strong based on music theoretic and historical aspects. Out of that following my own autonomous interpretation; looked into and enriched my play and brought it on a much higher plan. Have now for years my own company De Wolf Music productions: 'Level on stage'. Gave many, many Performings. I played chamber music in different casts; was violinist in Violin-Piano-duos (different partners), viola player in Clarinet-Piano-Viola-trios and also First violinist of the 'Nothern Dutch string quartet'.
I give many Solo concerts. As a Violin and Viola teacher I established myself (am certified for both instruments) and had ever since a lot of pupils monitoring. Gave also lessons at the European School in Bergen, the music school Stedebroec West Friesland, gave 'Orientation violin lessons' at the primary school ('Brede school'), e.g..

Valentijn M. de Wolf with Violin and Viola. Bio
Diplom Performers Musician MMA Valentijn M. de Wolf
Performers Diplom
Diplom Teachers Musician BMA Valentijn M. de Wolf
Teachers Diplom
Qualification for giving Violin Lessons/ Viola lessons certificate
Qualification for giving
Violin Lessons/ Viola Lessons
Masterclass Girona Valentijn M. de Wolf
Masterclass Girona
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'I, Valentijn M. de Wolf; watch my activities near the violin play'
I point on my activities near the violin play!
My activities near the violin play

Active near the violin play!

Together with my day and night
task (!) as a Violinist/ Viola player,
I helped sometimes Syrian refugees (2016/ 2017). Had contact with a Syrian family in Santpoort-Zuid. I feld united with that people, who did run away from the war violence. In earlier times I often came along near my handicapted brother with the 'Down syndrome'.. I loved it. To make music for me is connected with mentioned moral aspects. Feeling in music is important, commitment also. I want to have contact with my audience on my concerts and 'enriche' them. Love that! We need each other still.

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