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CADEAU De Wolf Music productions

Cadeau. Custom fit. Concert-Format. Valentijn M. de Wolf. Classical music.

Violin Valentijn M. de Wolf DWMp Schoorl
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is a fixed program with special
pieces. I 'link' them!

- Play I e.g. in the Frans Hals Museum, I make then a link between the unadorned of paintings of Frans Hals and the raw honesty of special compositions I play.
- In the Catharijneconvent with Christian art I make a link with the violinist Paganini. The excuberance of the man was in the church not appreciated (become silent smile
of Maria was still allowed...).
Johann Sebastian Bach was still allowed; he wrote more 'religious' music. Quiet and silent

I can let the Concert go about 'rationality' (mind philosopher Decartes; 'I think so I excist!'). Link then to the Kunst10daagse Bergen-Bergen aan Zee 2018, theme 'enlightenment ' = rationality, were in the Movie based on the earlier named Ysaÿe 's Ballade chromatic (successively semitones, tension!) occurs and also a whole-tone scale. Alienating! Here Explanation. Hindemith has accords who do dissolve different than you intuitive expect...The intellect determine! Supplement.

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Updates Performances De Wolf Music productions.

Valentijn M. de Wolf. New records, Clips, Program concept, ect..
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Update Friday 23 september 2016

Part 3 now (!) Schubert 's
Erlkönig in revision of Ernst!

3e Clip Erlkönig
Third clip Erlkönig

Update Friday 8 september 2016

Part 2 Schubert 's Erlkönig in
the revision of Ernst..

2e Clip Erlkönig
Second clip Erlkönig Schubert

Reviews: 2e Clip Erkönig Schubert 2e Clip Erlkönig Schubert. Violin: Valentijn M. de Wolf. Classical Music.

Ronald van Linde: fine art of music example
Daniël Delaere: Surprisingly smart

Update Thursday 19 may 2016

About mentioned Ysaÿe 's Ballade I tell in the video something. This composition is the base for my Movie! For still more info click under.

Explanation Ballade Ysaÿe
Explanation Ysaÿe 's Ballade like Sunflowers of Van Gogh
Supplement Ysaÿe BalladeSupplement
Valentijn M. de Wolf explaining

Update Wednesday 4 may 2016

A Movie
I made, based on Ysaÿe 's Ballade.
He is ready!;
it became an optimistic and luminescent piece!

Movie Ballade Ysaÿe
Ysaÿe 's Ballade like Sunflowers of Van Gogh
Ysaÿe Ballade Optimistic!
Emotion Valentijn M. de Wolf optimistic!
Emotion Valentijn M. de Wolf optimistic!

Reviews: Movie Ysaÿe Movie Ysaÿe. Violin: Valentijn M. de Wolf.

Desanne Van Brederode: It is beautifull and intense exciting - thanks!
Marije Hendrikx: Special Valentijn, also the pictures with the music are beautifull. You feels it is going, sometimes full of confidence, sometimes tired, desperate, hard and soft, dark, sad and just a monent resignation, and you live through the light in sight and the quick way in that direction.
Nada Stojanovic: On the one hand it is disturbing, on the other hand it is all embracing which is so aptly illustrated by the pictures.

Updates DWMp Schoorl
Updates DWMp Schoorl
Updates DWMp Schoorl
Updates DWMp Schoorl
Imagination in music
Fuga g-minor Bach as skating people Averkamp
Elegie Strawinsky as weeping woman Picasso
Track Strawinsky ElegieTrack Strawinsky Elegie
Track Bach Fuga g-minorTrack Bach Fuga g-minor


I give, Valentijn, from 2008, out of my company De Wolf Music productions; 'Level on stage' on countless locaties; in churches, small halls and healthcare occasions. Repertoire contains music from Renaissance till compositions of the contemporary. A special unknown work (Elegy, lament like Picasso's weeping woman, left) of Strawinsky from the last century will be performed, on contrary (!) also the most beautifull fuga in g-minor by Bach. (crowded and brilliant like skating people of dutch painter Averkamp, right)

For the public in Churches en small halls I perform solo or with a colleage special compositions, who do you refreshed, after performance, place of execution do leave. Insight through a lot of experience has the result that I, with anekdotes, enthousiastic can tell you thinks about the compositions.

My experience is that in healthcare expression of compositions (who do arise de different feelings) have a positieve effect on e.g. handicapted people. Music will be encountered strong and psychical handicaps disapear! Through the intense contact I had with my mental handicapted brother (died three years ago), I have an outspoken affinity with them.

A lot of concerts are given in the course of time and yet repertoire is growing stillevery our! By the way from this concerts are made records.

Through the listening to the different pieces, you will both music insight as trough sfere, experience a fine and special concert!

Reviews: 1e Clip Erkönig Schubert 1e Clip Erlkönig Schubert. Violin: Valentijn M. de Wolf. Classical Music.

Nada Stojanovic: Very impressive Valentine!
Marije Hendrikx: Awful fine.
Judith Bordewijk: Fantastic! Never heard of this modification! Still I remember that Willem Bruning did sing it! And how about you?
(Judith Bordewijk was student at the Rudolf Steiner school in The Hague where I was at school. We had the same sing teacher: Willem Bruning)

1e Clip 'Erlkönig' Schubert (arr. Ernst)1e Clip 'Erlkönig' Schubert (arr. Ernst)


In churches, healthcare locations and halls. Classical music.

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