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Violin Performances, Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons, Readings. Valentijn M. de Wolf
Violin lessons Valentijn M. de Wolf
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After 10 lessons!
Violin lessons Children and Adults
Violin lessons/ Viola lessons
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Financial Settlements!

For families with a low income or in the social security, there are communal ('bijzon-dere bijstand!') :

Financial SettlementsSettlements!

Review: Clip Music makes smart! Clip Music makes smart! Violin and Explanation: Valentijn M. de Wolf. Classical Music.

Judith Bordewijk: Fine clip by Gluck Valentijn! (at the end)

After 10 lessons!Clip After 10 lessons!
Music makes smartClip Music makes smart

To give Lessons by way of the webcam is also possible:
When you are living to far and/ or for the reduction of the travelling costs.
I give then about 2 or 3 lessons with the webcam and 1 lesson at my home.

Violin lessons and Viola lessons;

for giving both I am qualified. I, Valentijn M. de Wolf, live in nabourhood of Alkmaar/ Zaandam/ Amsterdam. Give lessons at every age; use multiple methodes. Through much experience as Performing Violinist/ Viola player, I know many compositions on different kinds of level. Propagate playing together and to enjoy! Developed for the kids a special methode; combination of bright colored blocks who can form a scale (right under)! Kids can use then there creativity completely! Gave also lessons to many adults; played with two pupils the Dworak Terzet, with an other the Concert for two violins from Bach, third I learned him to play Klezmer! Gave a lot of pleasure for them and for me eather!

Violin lessons/ Viola lessons

Through the complete Netherlands: By Webcam! Also in Alkmaar/ Amsterdam. Valentijn M. de Wolf. 'Enjoy'. All Styles.

De Wolf Music productions: 'Level on stage'
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