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Violin lessons/ Viola lessons

Through the complete Netherlands: By Webcam! Also in Alkmaar/ Amsterdam. Valentijn M. de Wolf. 'Enjoy'.
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Violin lessons and Viola lessons;

for giving both I am qualified. I, Valentijn M. de Wolf, live in nabourhood of Alkmaar/ Zaandam/ Amsterdam. Give lessons at every age; use multiple methodes. Through much experience as Performing Violinist/ Viola player, I know many compositions on different kinds of level. Propagate playing together and to enjoy! Developed for the kids a special methode; combination of bright colored blocks who can form a scale (right under)! Kids can use then there creativity completely! Gave also lessons to many adults; played with two pupils the Dworak Terzet, with an other the Concert for two violins from Bach, third I learned him to play Klezmer! Gave a lot of pleasure for them and for me eather!

Violin lessons Valentijn M. de Wolf
Music makes smart: Einstein

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Violin and Explanation: Valentijn M. de Wolf.
Classical Music.

: Fine clip by Gluck Valentijn! (at the end)

After 10 lessons!
Violin lessons Children and Adults
Violin lessons/ Viola lessons
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  • Paganini
  • circle of fourths
  • sad scale
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Financial Settlements!

For families with a low income or in the social security, there are communal ('bijzon-dere bijstand!') :

Financial SettlementsSettlements!

To give Lessons by way of the webcam is also possible:
When you are living to far and/ or for the reduction of the travelling costs.
I give then about 2 or 3 lessons with the webcam and 1 lesson at my home.


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