Workshops Kids

Format 5 compositions

discussion about sfere (Grieg whispering pine trees..), content

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Format Workshops Kids

Valentijn M. de Wolf plays on the violin/ viola five compositions.
There will be discussions with the children about; sfere, form and content.

Classical music .

Workshops Kids
Workshops Kids; Valentijn M. de Wolf violin
Sfere Music peace like whispering pine-trees
Seventh Chord like 'jumping cat'

Workshops Kids

about music
I give on primary schools.

The Format looks as following:

-1e The first pillar is the set of play pieces
(about five compositions).

Between compositions I will present this:

-2e In the workshop will be discussed then about sphere of pieces; get 'kids' feelings with it and which emotions are they? A piece by Grieg e.g. can be sound as whispering pine trees at a Norwegian fjord. It is peaceful and nice over there.

-3e Further I treat the structure of a piece; e.g. a Rondo. Different forms can be handled; also the Fuge; descent from the Canon; imitatif) Of course in interaction with the children.

-4e On visual manner as well I will treat major and minor. I enter more specialistic on e.g. the Sevent chord, or a bar and tell something about playing the violon (with funny example)...

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